Our Mission

Is to enhance and expand the healthcare sector by promoting reliable suppliers of medical equipment and solutions to private and public health sector Hospitals and Clinics .


Service Department

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Quantum Tower,

25 Philippou Street CY 2363 Ayios Dometios, P.O.Box 22493, CY 1522 Nicosia – Cyprus

Sales Department

E-mail: sales@iatromed.com

Tel: + 357 22792113

Fax: + 357 22781145

Quantum Energy - Partner for Growth

Quantum Energy is one of the pioneers in the energy sector of south-east Europe, Engaging local energy resources to provide reliable to business and domestic consumers.

About Our Company


The company was established in Cyprus in 2012 by a dynamic group of individuals working in the medical sales and technical support field with over 25 years extensive expertise. IATROMED is a highly-respected leader in the supply, maintenance and support of all diagnostic imaging modalities, including:

X-ray ( RAD, R/F, Dental, Mammography, Analogue & Digital), CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Lithotripsy, Ultrasound, Laser, CR/DR, Laser imagers, mini-PACS & Physiological monitoring.
Our constant training at local and international workshops and forums ensures medical professionals are up-to-date with the latest in technological developments
IATROMED Services Ltd. is part of a large family of companies, widely diversified in the medical, energy, infrastructure and engineering services.
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Is to provide high quality products and services to exceed customer expectations at a reasonable cost.